HDS Series

Heavy Duty Submersible Pumps

For Industrial Applications



The HDS offers a combination of rugged features that keeps it running strong through even the most extreme applications, allowing up to 70% solids by volume.



HDS Series Standard Features:


Internal Slurry Seal

- Mechanical seal configuration designed for prolonged motor operation in severe   duty slurry applications

- Double mechanical seals operate in an oil chamber where components are   isolated from the pumped slurry

- Carbon -Ni Resist face (upper) and Tungsten Carbide face (lower) with stainless   hardware


HDS Agitator

- Provides agitation to suspend solids for cleaner sumps


Particle Ejection Ports

- Expels solids to extend seal life

- Maintains minimum flow during closed valve operation


316 Stainless Steel Hardware


High Chrome Iron Construction


Designed to handle slurries up to 70% solids per volume



HDS Series Options:
Stainless Steel Spray Ring

- Extra agitation when required for heavy solids


Control Panel
- Simplex/Duplex
- Built-In thermal overload and moisture detector


Moisture Detector
- Prolongs pump performance
- NEMA 4 enclosure
- Motor safeguard
- Signals early seal failure to avoid costly repairs


Explosion-Proof Slurry Seal

- Carbon-Ni Resist faces and 316 Stainless Steel hardware for internal seal
- Tungsten Carbide faces and 316 Stainless Steel hardware for external seal


Pump Pontoons

- Custom floating pump systems available to tackle any requirements.






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