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Atlanta Asphalt Shingle Plant Replaces & Upgrades Hot Paratherm Pumps

A distributor’s sales team engaged Vulcan Pumps on a hot oil pump application. We set up a joint call with VULCAN PUMPS meeting with plant engineers to determine performance requirements and physical restraints. After careful review of the customer process detailed solutions were provided to the customer.


SIHI ZTNY 040200 Pump 208mm impeller trim, 20Hp 3500 RPM

•SIHI Pump was originally size for 250 gpm @280’ TDH, customer complaint cover two major concerns:

  1. Pump developed only 70 gpm, which would allow for the possible over heating of the Paratherm.
  2. Pump lip seal was leaking and customer attached piping to carry away this continued leakage.

•Plant engineer knowing of systems process changes overtime increase both the flow rate and pressure requirements for a potential pump replacement.

CombiTherm Plus 2x3x10 NG1 M5/T Pump 223mm impeller trim, 40Hp 3500 RPM•CombiTherm Plus pump sized 228 gpm @320’ TDH•Mechanical seal eliminate pump leakage

Selecting the right pump for the application may cost more upfront but will save you thousands of dollars in on-going repair and replacement costs. Contact Us to learn more about how Vulcan Pumps can help with any of your thermal oil pump needs.