Diamond Seals for Submersible Motors

diamond seals for submersible motors

The seal’s the deal. When pumping slurry, a quality seal makes a big difference. It helps ensure a long-lasting pump that withstands slurry’s highly abrasive nature. Vulcan Pumps utilizes John Crane Diamond® seals in our pumps so seal failure doesn’t upend your processes. We want your seals (and pumps) to last. 

The Difference Diamond Seals for Submersible Motors Can Make

Submersible motors are submersed in abrasive material such as slurry for extended periods of time. It doesn’t take much to realize how this setting could affect materials. Without high-quality components, motors and pumps inevitably face wear and/or breakdown in these kinds of highly toxic conditions. The pump seal is an integral part of this equation: It prevents leakage and contamination, helping to maintain the integrity of the pump and motor. 

Seals are made up of a rotary seal face and driving mechanism, which adopts the same rotation as the pump shaft. Seals also consist of a stationary seal face, which combines with the rotary and maintains integrity via a gland or stuffing box cover—as well as a tension assembly (metal bellows or springs) that’s designed to keep the faces positioned tightly together. 

Diamond seals for submersible motors provide pristine durability that offers unmatched gain for industrial equipment reliability. For years, manufactured diamonds have been used in abrasive applications and for cutting instruments. With ultrananocrystalline technology (UNCD®) technology, harnessing one of Earth’s hardest materials for use in mechanical seals is not only possible: It’s beyond profitable for systems. It drastically improves mechanical seal reliability and performance in challenging applications, including those involving abrasive slurry, weak lubricating liquids, and liquids that exceed their atmospheric boiling points. 

Diamond-treated seals manage abrasive and erosive conditions with much less effort, and UNCD® technology innately possesses a low coefficient of friction, which reduces heat production and energy use. This translates to significant improvements in mean time for mechanical seals, pumps, and more. 

Why We Choose John Crane

John Crane Diamond® seals offer our pumps the time-tested use they need. John Crane is also the sole manufacturer that integrates UNCD® technology directly into their process, offering premier seal and face treatments. Vulcan Pumps is all about quality—in each and every part of the project cycle, including in regards to seals. That’s why we trust and use John Crane seals in our pumps.

The seals, themselves, offer enormous cost and energy-efficient benefits. They improve durability through top-tier chemical stability and hardness. They enhance reliability and function through appropriately applied crystallinity, consistency, and adhesion. They help maintain production and keep integral equipment running optimally. They also lower costs courtesy of cooler running faces, reduced power, and less service life maintenance. Much like our pumps, John Crane seals demonstrate value time and again. 

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