If you’re looking for a part to upgrade or repair a pump, skid, or barge, Vulcan Pumps is happy to be your supplier. Visit our resources page to determine the make and model of your equipment, along with figuring out the exact part that you need. Then contact one of our sales team members for a free pricing quote.

While you can potentially use these products yourself to repair or upgrade pumps, we highly recommend looking into hiring one of our professional service technicians to install parts for maximum efficiency.

Download our Super Slurry Seal Installation PDF.

Mechanical Seals

Vulcan Pumps proudly used John Crane mechanical seals and has two motor sealing options to fit your unique application. 

The Internal Slurry Seal is a double or back to back Type 21 arrangement where the entire assembly operates in an oil chamber away from the pumped fluid. Lower seal faces are tungsten carbide for handling abrasive service. The drive spring ends are welded to prevent it from collapsing and the lower stationary seal face is pinned with an anti-rotation pin. A lip seal is also used as the first barrier of protection and rides on a shaft sleeve to prevent wear on the motor shaft.

For more demanding abrasive and corrosive service, Vulcan offers the Super Slurry Seal. This tandem or front to front arrangement uses two independent seals. An inboard Type 21 seal operates in the oil bath while a very robust Type 5840 sits on the process or outboard side. With no exposed parts and available in a variety of different materials, the 5840 can handle higher pressure and radial runout in both abrasive and corrosive services.


Lifting Bails can be fabricated out of various grades of stainless steel to provide a simple, single lifting point for pump installation and removal.

Spray rings can provide additional agitation in applications where there are heavy solids concentration or pumps run intermittently. The spray ring will help kick solids off the sides and bottom of the sump into suspension and then be pumped out of the sump.

Moisture detector relay is an early warning notification that the pump needs to be pulled and maintenance conducted before a more serious repair is warranted.   

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