Vulcan Pumps is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality slurry pumps. We focus on individual markets, with a specialty in creating custom solutions for each client. Our Made in the USA product lines include slurry pumps, barges and skids, all of which can be adapted to your specific needs by our engineering team. Whether you want a different metal casing, or a motor that features a moisture sensor, we’re ready to work with you to make a pump that will assist in demanding projects across a range of industries.


Vulcan Pumps specializes in designing high-quality pump systems. Our team ensures quality work with the ability to easily make changes.

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Vulcan pumps designs and builds custom barges, floating platforms, and pontoons suitable for most pump designs.

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Our systems are built to a pre-engineered design specified by our customer. We also offer engineering services to help you design a custom system to meet your particular requirements.

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