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Customized Pumps for Abrasive and Corrosive Service

An electric utility asked Vulcan Pumps to provide 8 engineered sump pumps for their abrasive and corrosive wastewater application. These HDS 100H pump liquid ends were cast in high chrome iron with a super duplex 2507 stand. The motor is a continuous in air design (no submersion required) with a 2507 shaft. The motor was outfitted with a John Crane Type 5840 slurry seal in 2507 construction and C276 hardware to assemble the pump. Lastly, very robust 316 stainless lifting bails were fabricated to make installation and removal of each 4000# pump easier. This large project was delivered on time with 2 units expedited to accommodate the customer’s tight and dynamic schedule. Please contact us for all your unique engineered sump solutions.

Barge 3-D Modeling Case Study

Saving Time, Money and Meeting Customer’s Requirements

Challenge: Customer needed a temporary flotation pumping solution with very specific requirements, for use on a water reservoir which supplies water to a treatment facility.  The temporary barge would need to be in use until a permanent intake structure could be constructed.

Solution: Collaborating with the DXP Supercenter in Lenexa, KS, Vulcan Pumps’ engineers designed a complex barge package station with the use of the powerful SolidWorks software.  Utilizing SolildWorks allowed the engineers to present 3-D designs and modeling for DXP Enterprises to present to the client for better visualization.

The final product included a barge engineered for maximum down thrust, pipe loads, live loads, and floats able to carry the weight of the pipe filled with water from the barge to the shoreline, which came with very specific requirements for attaching the pipe and conduit for the cable.  The vertical turbines and motors were supplied by DXP Enterprises and a 5-ton crane was used for installation and removal of the motor and pump.  Further complicating the solution was the monorail crane needed to be cantilevered over the side of the barge for offloading the pump and motor.  Finally, mooring points for anchoring to the shoreline were added as well as mandatory safety railing, float design and life preservers.

We are proud to have such a strong team of engineers that were able to provide a solution to the client’s needs for this very unique application.

Corrosion and Slurry Solutions

A Caribbean based precious metal mining company asked Vulcan Pumps to provide a robust submersible slurry pump and floating barge.

Engineered Sump Solutions

A large coal fire power plant in the Southeastern US turned to Vulcan Pumps for solutions for their grit sump system. The application uses 2 HDS 75M pumps in smaller sumps with weir walls that spill over into a larger basin with 4 HDS 200L pumps. These pumps see all the used plant water and is a collection area from wash-down sumps located throughout the plant. The HDS pumps were chosen for their abrasion resistant hard metal construction and internal slurry seal design to handle the grit, ash particles, and coal fines that may end up in the sump.