Customized Pumps for Abrasive and Corrosive Service


An electric utility asked Vulcan Pumps to provide 8 engineered sump pumps for their abrasive and corrosive wastewater application. These HDS 100H pump liquid ends were cast in high chrome iron with a super duplex 2507 stand. The motor is a continuous in air design (no submersion required) with a 2507 shaft. The motor was outfitted with a John Crane Type 5840 slurry seal in 2507 construction and C276 hardware to assemble the pump. Lastly, very robust 316 stainless lifting bails were fabricated to make installation and removal of each 4000# pump easier. This large project was delivered on time with 2 units expedited to accommodate the customer’s tight and dynamic schedule. Please contact us for all your unique engineered sump solutions.

  • Location:
    Southeast, US
  • Customer:
    Electric Utility
  • Application:
    Abrasive and corrosive wastewater pumping