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A Closer Look at Our HDS Slurry Pump Accessories

Our custom HDS submersible slurry pumps have the option for additional accessories—one quoted standard. The slurry pump accessories we offer include spray (sparge) ring, Vulcan Guard, and lifting bail. All these accessories offer ease-of-use and cost-over-time benefits. Read on for more about their application readiness and purposes. 

An Overview of Our Slurry Pump Accessories 

As mentioned, we offer three slurry pump accessories: the sparge or spray ring, the proprietary, standard-quoted Vulcan Guard, and lifting bail. Following is a helpful breakdown of each:

#1: Sparge or Spray Ring

The spray or sparge ring can be mounted to any submersible pump, and provides a cleaner sump overall. The spray ring works well for virtually all industries that handle high concentrations of solids, including power generation, mining, and steel. 

When regularly pumping abrasive solids, the sparge ring fluidizes or agitates into suspension the solids (e.g. ore, coal fines) that settle and coagulate in the pit. The spray ring improves suspension to pump solids, which leads to a cleaner sump. Over time, built-up solids that aren’t appropriately agitated require removal using a vacuum truck. The spray ring lessens build-up of solids  and increases pit cleanliness, resulting in less frequent visits from the vacuum truck.

#2: Vulcan Guard

Vulcan Guard is a proprietary slurry pump accessory quoted with every custom pump purchase. It boasts a dual feature innovation not found elsewhere: a one-box, two-feature safety sensor. Vulcan Guard places both a moisture sensor and thermal overload connections in one box for a single point of connection. 

The moisture sensor alerts you of a bottom seal failure, which helps protect the pump from further water intrusion. A red warning light will signal when the seal has failed, alerting operators to pull the pump, stop the motor, and replace the seal. Additionally, Vulcan Guard houses a built-in motor thermal overload function that stops the motor if overheated—as well as a corresponding control panel light that halts the motor until able to fully stop or reset. 

Vulcan Guard is unique in industry as it innovates past the prevailing two-box system. Our system offers single-point connection and safety features for improved risk reduction and increased operator peace of mind. 

#3: Lifting Bail

Our 304 stainless steel lifting bail does as its name implies: helps to hoist the pump when needed. The lifting bail is made for our HDS submersible slurry pump, connects to the top of the motor, and brings it to a single lifting point. The slurry pump’s motor houses two lifting lugs, which the lifting bail easily hooks up to. The lifting bail makes pump removal from sump much more streamlined. Included in the bail is 25 feet of lifting cable. 

Benefits to Our Accessories

Generally, our accessories:

  • Reduce maintenance;
  • Reduce pump repair cost;
  • And increase pump life. 

That’s not all though. More specifically, the spray ring affords over-time cost reduction to industries through less routine plant (and sump) upkeep, decreased maintenance and labor expenses, and diminished (if not eliminated) vacuum truck visits for site cleanup. Plus, sparge rings can be outfitted to anyone’s pump—and our 24-spray nozzle selection comes standard in 304 stainless steel. When margins are thin, this accessory could be the difference. 

Additionally, the client-requested Vulcan Guard, of course, provides an innovative and intuitive interface for improved safety and risk reduction. The two-feature, one-box system enables more control, less risk, and on-the-spot detection. 

Finally, our 304 stainless steel lifting bail is outfitted for easy attachment and single-point lifting, which is a favorite feature for those in power generation and similar industries. Contact us to learn more about our HDS submersible slurry pump as well as the accessories offered for enhanced ease of use and improved functioning.