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How Vulcan Pumps Can Help Your Operation Weather Inflation

When it comes to the national and global economies, we’re all looking for ways to better weather the inevitable economic storms that come our way. The current economic storm we’re facing? Inflation. 

While not all industries feel the negative effects equally, just about everyone is affected in some way. And when production becomes more expensive and lead-times grow longer, it’s time to start looking for ways to fight back. 

Vulcan Pumps: The Perfect Production Partner

While other manufacturers’ prices are steadily increasing and their lead-times are lengthening, Vulcan Pumps remains steady. We’re here to instill confidence—not uncertainty—into you and your business with our CombiTherm product lead-times. 

Despite global current events, the pathway to CombiTherm products is still open. And as the master distributor of CombiTherm pumps in American and Canada, Vulcan Pumps has you covered—even for last-minute replacements and expensive OEM components. We can offer quick shipments right from stock—so you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary. 

More About CombiTherm Products

CombiTherm hot oil and hot water pumps are designed to transfer bitumen, emulsions, and just about every other liquid element inherent to makeup. They can seamlessly replace most big pump brands without difficulty, and because they’re stocked in America, delivery is quick and easy. 

If you’re on the hunt for OEM or aftermarket hot oil and hot water pumps, Vulcan Pumps has you covered. You can always expect short lead-times, stable prices, and excellent customer service. 

Vulcan Pumps HDS Slurry Pump

There’s a reason our HDS slurry pump is one of our most popular production staples. It comes with high-quality, custom design, American-made components, as well as application-specific metallurgies to withstand both typical and atypical abrasion. 

With the Vulcan HDS slurry pump, you’re getting a completely American-made product. And to make things even more convenient, our pump parts are inventoried right here in Birmingham—meaning quick lead-times (typically one week) for you. Not to mention guaranteed quality and budget-conscious prices. 

We’re Up to the Task

If you’re looking for fast, reliable lead-times, excellent quality and variety of products, and customer service that never wavers—you’ve found the right partner. We perform comprehensive quality control for every part both before assembly and during manufacturing, as well as extensively quality test pump materials long before they reach you. Despite volatile global circumstances, Vulcan Pumps is here to deliver peace of mind. Get in touch with us to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our CombiTherm Product Lead-Times

You can blink and the world changes around you. Recent world events have set the stage for changes the world over—geographic, economic, and (unfortunately for so many) personal. Geopolitical conflict carries a ripple effect that isn’t contained in isolation. For many of our industry partners, they are understandably concerned about product logistics due to worldwide tensions. We are here to bring about confidence in our CombiTherm product lead-times despite current events, and reassure those who rely on our pumps, parts, and products. 

We Deliver When Others Don’t

The road to CombiTherm products is still open. CombiTherm hot oil and hot water pumps transfer bitumen, emulsions, and virtually every other liquid element inherent to makeup. A great asset of these pumps is their ability to replace most industry-leading pump brands and integrate seamlessly into pump systems. Being inventoried in North America, CombiTherm pumps offer quick and easy delivery when OEMs and other major manufacturers are unable to offer replacement pumps on short notice. 

As the master distributor of CombiTherm pumps in the U.S. and Canada, Vulcan Pumps is uniquely poised to deliver high-quality hot oil and hot water pumps right to your business. No need to worry about a short-notice replacement or costly OEM component: We have your industry part, pump, and product needs covered. 

Why You Can Count on Our CombiTherm Flow Product Lead-Times

The benefit of being a local provider of CombiTherm products is short lead-times and trusted expertise. Vulcan Pumps can offer quick shipments right from stock; in fact, our CombiTherm hot oil and hot water pumps are available for immediate shipment. There’s no need to worry about long and drawn out CombiTherm product lead-times when buying from us. We are here and ready to do business with you. 

If you’re in the market for OEM or aftermarket hot oil and hot water pumps, look no further than Vulcan Pumps. Contact us to start your shipment, resume processes or bring them back to scale, and/or ramp up production. We understand the concern current events have instigated: We are committed to doing our part to do right by our industry partners. We can offer product peace of mind in otherwise volatile circumstances. May lasting peace soon return to the global stage. 

Aftermarket SPX Flow Hot Oil and Hot Water Pumps

When you’re in the field with a broken down hot thermal centrifugal pump, you can be hard-pressed to find a suitable replacement. You could try and reach out to the OEM or another manufacturer, but the turnaround—by itself—could cost you significant time and money. What you need is a reasonable pump replacement, fast. Vulcan Pumps offers aftermarket hot oil and hot water pumps well-suited to replace many different manufactured thermal pumps. 

About Our Hot Oil and Hot Water Pumps

Vulcan Pumps’ hot oil and hot water pumps are available in two main types: CombiTherm and CombiTherm+. Specific application requirements will inform which type is right for your site. For instance, the foot-mounted, 150-pound CombiTherm pump is used often for hot oil – asphalt applications as it excels at pumping therminol to heat up asphalt. 

Our CombiTherm pump is a 150-pound, foot-mounted flange pump at 232 PSI. The pump ensures process temperatures are uniform and damaging heat stays clear of seal bearings and faces, which avoids the need for external cooling when used properly. Core features include the throttle bush, journal bearing, and seal placement—all of which work to decrease circulation and temperature along the pump. 

The pump works well in a number of industry settings and applications, including food preparation, asphalt, roofing and roads, rubber and plastics, paper and wood, and high-temperature hot water heating systems. 

Our CombiTherm+ pump is a center-mounted, 300+ pound flange pump at 360 PSI. While both CombiTherm and CombiTherm+ can handle the same kind of hot oil, water, and/or glycol applications, CombiTherm+ has the capacity to handle the most stringent requirements. It’s built to handle hot water glycol mixtures, and is specifically made to eliminate expensive mechanical seal and seal support systems. CombiTherm+ boasts key service-life features, including a high efficiency impeller, single mechanical seal balanced with EPDM O-rings, optimized cooling fans, and life-saving magnetic drain plug for seals and bearings. 

Why Vulcan Pumps

Vulcan Pumps is the North American (excluding Mexico) master distributor for the SPX Flow CombiTherm and CombiTherm+ lines of hot oil and hot water pumps. Our pumps can replace common DEAN and SIHI varieties. 

However, our major claim to fame shines through in our competitive price, quick delivery, and quality customer service. Not many do what we do and serve who we serve, which makes our bedrock mission all the more important: Helping get your application back on track. Whether you’re in bread manufacturing, wood processing, or somewhere in between, we can supply an aftermarket, replacement pump that meets your needs—fast.