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Which Industries Are Best Served by Slurry Pumps?

When it comes to slurry pumps, there’s a wide variety of applications and industries that come to mind. Essentially, any process that requires the movement of corrosive materials or large amounts of slurry needs a slurry pump. At Vulcan Pumps, we’re dedicated to serving each and every industry that needs us with the best custom solutions and best customer service. 

Industries That Rely on Slurry Pumps

While the list of all industries that require a slurry pump as part of a process is extensive, here we’ll go over a few of the big players we serve at Vulcan Pumps. 


The extraction of coal, valuable minerals, and metals is an essential process in the mining industry, and they’re often extracted in very large amounts. Slurry pumps are what make this process both safer and more efficient so that more material can be extracted. 

Sand & Gravel

The term “aggregate” encompasses a wide variety of construction materials, including sand, gravel, and crushed stone. Slurry pumps make gathering and/or mining these materials safer and faster. 


Sewage that isn’t treated properly can lead to all kinds of complications. That’s why a slurry pump is required to make the treatment process as smooth and thorough as possible. 

Vulcan Pumps: Serving Your Industry with Pride

No one knows slurry pumps like Vulcan Pumps. Our team has decades of experience working in (and with) a variety of industries, and have been creating custom solutions for them for a long time. We’ve gained industry-wide recognition for our solutions that stand up to abrasive and corrosive conditions—conditions that cause other, lower-quality pumps to fail. 

Our pumps are verified suitable for any sump service that regularly faces abrasive, corrosive, or otherwise adverse conditions. Some of our regular industry partners include power generation, mining, steel, oil and gas, and more. 

As part of our custom-crafted pumping solutions, we also offer incredible customer service. As a client-focused company, we believe the two go hand in hand. We create solutions to fit your specific needs, without ever sacrificing quality. We make sure to respect your budget and your timeline. And because everything we offer is American-made and locally stored, our lead-times are quick regardless. At Vulcan Pumps, you can maintain your peace of mind knowing that we put you and your needs first. You’ll always get a custom response and a custom solution. If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality slurry pump that respects your budget and your timeline, get in touch with Vulcan Pumps today. We look forward to serving you.