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Common FAQs to Get to Know Vulcan Pumps & Our Industry Niche

At Vulcan Pumps, we’ve become recognized industry-wide for our quality pump solutions that stand up to abrasive and corrosive conditions that can cause other pumps to fail. But that’s not all we’re known for, nor should it be. 

In fact, customer relations is a bedrock principle that drives our philosophy and informs our processes. This rings true from our first interactions to after-sale support; so much so, it’s become a point of company pride. Get to know Vulcan Pumps more, and the highly specialized industry niche we’ve been blessed to serve. 

Who Is Vulcan Pumps?

Vulcan Pumps is a manufacturer of high-quality submersible pumps for use in corrosive or abrasive applications. Our pumps are proudly made in the USA. We’re headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with parts locally inventoried for time-saving, one-week lead times. Our experience traces back decades: Leadership has been serving industries for more than 40 years. 

Who Do We Serve?

Vulcan Pumps intersects an array of industries, providing corrosion and abrasion-resistant pumps to the forefront of many key processes and applications. Our pumps are verified suitable for any sump service use that regularly faces abrasive, corrosive, or otherwise adverse conditions. Common industry partners include those in:

  • Power Generation;
  • Mining;
  • Steel;
  • Oil & Gas. 

Why Work with Us?

Vulcan Pumps is a client-focused company—meaning we offer custom-crafted pumping solutions that suit your specific needs. We do this without incurring sacrifices to quality or concessions to quick lead/delivery times. 

In that same vein, we quality control every pump part prior to assembly and during fabrication to ensure pump performance integrity. This is to our clients’ and distributors’ immediate and ongoing benefit: We are flexible in meeting our customers’ requirements. Customer service is our backbone, and our clients always receive a personalized response. 

 Vulcan Pumps manufactures our pumps in the U.S., with a parts inventory that’s locally based. This ensures fast delivery times and timely service. 

What’s Our Quality Control Process?

Our quality control process involves an extensive 11-point checklist that addresses major areas of concern, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. 

Why Vulcan HDS?

The Vulcan HDS submersible slurry pump is our highly advantageous, anchor product. It is U.S.-made, which includes all patterns, casting, and machine parts and assembly. It offers a wide variety of metallurgies, such as CD4CUN, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, 2205, 2507, and 316 stainless steel. 

Our slurry pumps can be manufactured in-house for application-specific requirements, including highly abrasive or corrosive environments. We provide ASTM A532 Cl. III Type A high-chrome iron liquid end casings for abrasive conditions—and adopt ASTM A890 duplex and super duplex stainless steels and ASTM A494 high nickel alloys for more chemical or chloride-inundated settings. 

Based on these properties and more, our HDS submersible slurry pumps can meet your requirements, even in the most challenging environments. 

Contact Us

Have more questions that aren’t readily answered here? We’re happy to help. Vulcan Pumps prioritizes customer service as much as innovative, high-quality products. Contact us to connect or to find out more about what we can do for you. 

Vulcan Pumps: Who We Are & Who We Serve

Synthesizing Vulcan Pumps into a specialized set of core competencies isn’t difficult to do: We design and manufacture high-quality submersible pumps for our industry partners. This being said, we are not a typical pump manufacturer; that is, our pumps aren’t just a “passable” pump solution for simple applications. On the contrary, we often provide integral solutions for instances of routine pump failure due to load, material, sump, or other application-related deficiencies. Our pumps are U.S.-made and undergo extensive quality control for total partner assurance. Based in Birmingham, AL, Vulcan Pumps offers quick and streamlined lead times, with in-stock parts inventoried locally. 

A Recognized Name in Pump Systems

Vulcan Pumps is not a new player in pump systems: Our leadership has more than 40 years’ experience in the industry. The company, itself, has been custom engineering pump, barge, and packaged pump skid solutions for decades. This level of expertise has been proven to be highly valuable to our industry partners, which run the gamut of related sectors: power generation, mining, steel, and oil and gas. 

Our time in the industry has garnered recognition as a trusted, specialized pump manufacturer.  Partners have come to look to us for custom, quality solutions that meet specific needs. We have marshaled a team around us to continue this core mission: time and budget-conscious solutions that don’t compromise on quality. Vulcan Pumps staffs a breadth of engineers, expert craftsmen, and knowledgeable representatives that work with our partners toward a well-suited solution. In fact, our flexibility and swift product turnaround have allowed us to gain further, industry-leading acclaim. 

One of our most influential claims to fame is our HDS submersible slurry pump, which withstands unique abrasive and corrosive application requirements—and can be specially outfitted for client-specific needs.

Our Key Differentiator

Besides our high-quality, U.S.-made pumps, Vulcan Pumps offers unmatched customer experience. We share a kindred spirit with our partners and distributors, which is readily seen throughout our customer-centered philosophy and process. 

This ensures you receive the experienced support you can count on. 

Contact Vulcan Pumps for Quality Pumping Solutions

For the distributors who’ve worked with us, our pumps provide application and time-tested use; our customer experience offers deserved follow-through. If you’re looking to partner with a leading-edge pump provider for your applications, contact Vulcan Pumps