Vulcan HDS Slurry Pump: Comprehensive Product Spotlight

The Vulcan HDS slurry pump is our major product staple, and for good reason. It offers high-quality, custom design, U.S.-made components and make, and application-specific metallurgies to withstand typical and atypical abrasion. See how our HDS slurry pump meets your needs, and how Vulcan Pumps is poised to deliver quality on every front. 

A U.S.-Made HDS Slurry Pump

Vulcan Pumps offers a purely U.S.-made product. All patterns, casting, machine parts, and more for our HDS slurry pump are made in our cutting-edge facility based in the southeastern U.S. Plus, our pump seals are made in tandem with John Crane Co., and we have worked together to develop multiple seal designs that are application-ready. This is to our clients’ benefit as it ensures the best seal per application for complete peace of mind: You don’t have to rely on a motor manufacturer to give a generic seal selection. 

In addition, our pump parts are locally inventoried in Birmingham. This offers quick turnaround (typically a one-week lead-time) for components that are guaranteed quality and reasonably priced. 

We also offer an on-site (remove) rebuild program on an as-needed basis. We submerge test recording, moisture sensor, AMP draw, and thermal overloads (along with a flow and head test), and provide documents prior to delivery. We provide this as an additional service to coincide with required internal processes as applicable. We can also work closely with your quality control team, determining pump rate, head performance, and other measurements before installation. 

Metallurgies Used

We provide a range of metallurgies for project-specific needs: 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, 2205, 2507, CD4MCUN, and more. 

For atypical, abrasive applications, we offer 28% chrome iron, ASTMA532. For when chemicals, chlorides, or other highly corrosive conditions are present, we have several choices available: ASTM A890 duplex and super duplex stainless steels (CD4, 2205, and 2507) and ASTM A494 high nickel alloys C276 and A20. There’s also an opportunity for us to make motor shafts, pump components, and other hardware in these high-resistance materials. 

Quality Across the Board

Vulcan Pumps quality program ensures you receive a HDS slurry pump that is no exception to peak performance expected. We also perform comprehensive pump quality control for every part before assembly and during manufacturing. We extensively quality-test pump materials and appearance long before it reaches you. 
If you need a high-performance submersible pump that withstands the test of applications, the Vulcan HDS slurry pump is the pump for your processes. Contact us with questions or to learn more.